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Our clients rave about our personalized approach and skill at finding them apartments in the Oak Park area.

Quotes Our experience with the Housing Center was great. We were shown a broad variety of units based on our price range and preferences by an Oak Park native who really knew the area. We had a hard time deciding between two places only because both suited us so well. Highly recommend to anyone new to the area. Quotes
Matt S. & Heather S.
Housing Center Clients, moved to Oak Park from Arizona

Quotes Just moved to Chicago from Fort Lauderdale. Oak Park Regional Housing Center was amazing and very friendly. Their knowledge of the city lifts the burdens of all the questions you might have if moving from out of state. I would not go anywhere else. Quotes
Izzy L.
Housing Center Client, moved to Oak Park from Florida

Quotes Thank you so very much for your help; I think my search would have taken a lot longer without the Housing Center. Especially thanks to the advisor who talked to me when I came in and was very reassuring and helpful. Quotes
Housing Center Client, moved to Oak Park from Aurora

Quotes Thank you so much for all the help you provided my family while we were searching for our new home! I've never met anyone as pleasant and attentive as our advisor. She was an absolute joy to work with, as was everyone else I came into contact with! Next time someone I know mentions that they're moving, I will be SURE to give them the Housing Center's number! Top-notch, A-1 service from everyone at the Oak Park Regional Housing Center! Kudos to you all! And thank you so much! Your facility is a beaming example of how a service agency should be run! Quotes
Brandy L.
Housing Center Client

Quotes The Oak Park Regional Housing Center is fabulous! What an incredible resource within the community. I really respect their mission and had a great experience. I highly recommend using OPRHC to find your next place! Thanks again! Quotes
Brynn M.
Housing Center Client, moved to Oak Park from Naperville

Quotes My wife and I owe our current apt bliss to the OPRHC. We first found an ad for an apt that we were interested in on Craigslist. We called and confirmed they were open on a Saturday and that we could see this specific apt. They said we had to come in and fill out a form and that they weren't a rental company, but a NPO! They answered all our questions patiently and did a great job explaining everything. We came back three months later to see more apts based on our new financial plan. Again, no pressure and a lot of patience. Since OPRF has rules in place prohibiting "for sale" and "for rent" signs to be posted for buildings, the Housing Center is an invaluable resource for this community. I tell everyone to check out the OPRHC before going anywhere else. We couldn't be happier! Quotes
Angela C.
Housing Center Client, moved to Oak Park from Champaign-Urbana

Quotes The Housing Center helped us find an apt in Oak Park on very short notice. You were very helpful with our relocation situation and short time frame, you answered all our questions without hesitation and with your help we have been in our Oak Park apt for 1 month and we have you to thank. Thank you Oak Park Regional Housing Center for all that you do. Quotes
Richard R.
Housing Center Client

Quotes I wanted to take this moment to thank the Housing Center for helping us find a home in Oak Park. You made a big difference in helping us move to Oak Park and I wanted to thank you for that. Your services are invaluable to the Village, as they were to us; moving is stressful enough. You made the search enjoyable. Quotes
Chris Z.
Housing Center Client, moved to Oak Park from Aurora

Quotes The staff at the Housing Center is amazing and FREE. They have tons of listings and found us an apartment that was even better than what we had hoped for. We found an apartment in one week. The staff was super friendly and helpful. We are so grateful for all of the effort they put into finding us our perfect place. There are people that just show up for work, and there are people who truly care about the people they are working for. These people really went above and beyond to do their best for us. Thank you to all of you! Quotes
Housing Center Client, moved to Oak Park from Chicago

Quotes I hope the rest of the apartment searching process is as friendly and comfortable as OPRHC! [They] really gave me a feel of Oak Park, the vibe, the community and the difference in the available apartments. Quotes
Housing Center Client, moved to Oak Park from California
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