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Help us reach our goal of 520 friends

520 friends of the Housing Center demonstrates a commitment 1% of Oak Park’s population. This group of friends will help the Housing Center sustain the vibrant diversity of Oak Park. Become a friend and join the engaged residents and civic leaders who want to ensure that all people have quality housing, greater opportunity, and integrated communities.
What it Means to be a Friend
  • Be a champion for diversity
  • Connect with others who care deeply about our community
  • Be a part of the movement which sustains the Oak Park Legacy
  • Stay informed about important issues

Oak Park Regional Housing Center’s impact in housing and beyond

  • Sustaining Integration in Oak Park: We advise over 3,500 households searching for housing in Oak Park annually, engage the real estate community to promote fair housing, and provide marketing advice and technical assistance to over 200 landlords annually

  • Promoting Achievement and Equity in Schools: We promote and support multiracial youth leadership, equitable resources, and high achievement including programming in School Districts 97 and 200

  • Furthering Community Revitalization and Homeownership: We provide homeownership counseling to over 300 households, help more than 50 families purchase a home, and teach financial literacy to more than 800 youth in our community annually

  • Providing Leadership in the Community: We work with the Village, Township, and other taxing bodies to ensure diverse strategies in housing and equity. We also partner with business owners, the Chamber of Commerce, and local non-profits to support our network of community resources

How to become a Friend of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center

By making a donation to the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, you become a friend of our agency and a part of the movement which sustains the Oak Park Legacy.

Thank you for your support of OPRHC’s mission of affirmatively furthering fair housing. Your gift allows us to advocate for fair housing policies and integrate neighborhoods throughout the region through research, rental advising, homeownership counseling, and affirmative marketing.